About us

I saw the world touring with Grammy Award-winning Reggae band Inner Circle (known for hits such as Bad Boys & Sweat a la la la long) and inspired by what I saw, I’m bringing my experiences and memories to you with Rawtidd, my new line of fitness apparel. 

In 1985 I joined the reggae band Inner Circle as their drummer. For the last 35 years, I’ve been living my dream: playing music to reggae-lovers all over the world. 

I saw Jamaica’s peaceful, fun-loving, and laid back vibe in Brazil, Hawaii, Africa, and New Zealand and I realized that we are more alike than we think we are. 

“I’ve been blessed to spread our music around the world.”

Another source of inspiration for me is my fatherhood experience. Watching my children grow up and explore the world around them made me realize the importance of early childhood education. I saw poverty is my travels too and I know that not all children have what they need from their parents. So, I decided to include a charity to this venture: proceeds from the fitness clothing (and music) will support a charity that meets these goals.

In Jamaica, we say “rawtid’ meaning “WOW,” it’s an expression of exuberance and excitement! This is what I felt when I realized I could share my vibe with the Rawidd apparel line & fitness videos and support charities such as The Boys and Girls Club of Montego Bay. They are responsible for the welfare and wellbeing of many children in that city and provide a safe haven where children learn a musical instrument, participate in sport, and get help with homework.

“RawTidd was born out of my desire to offer my fans, who have become like family, a look into my life’s journey.”

Join my vibe. By supporting Rawtidd fitness clothing for men, women, and of course, children,  you are part of a community of peace-loving people who enjoy fitness and making a difference. Now that’s AH RAWTIDD TING!

Easy Always

- Lancelot